Events and exhibitions

Saturday 3rd March - Friday 27th April 2018

                                           Written In Stone                                                                                             image1image2image3

The theme of this exhibition is human and global evolution -  past, present and future.  Angela Wood’s artwork reflects her lifelong interest in mankind’s development, both globally and individually, and has more recently been informed by her research into the 20th Century Art Movement. 

This collection, of mostly abstract expressionist artwork both paintings and prints, demonstrate a technique developed from her personal experience of the creative process through art, dance and music, alongside her observations of creation itself.

This exhibition has three distinct sections. Past ‘Once Upon A Time’, present ‘Conscious Creation’ and future ‘Future Expectations’. 

Angela will be attending the exhibition on Saturdays:  March 3rd /10th  and  April 7th/ 14th.   11am-4pm.

This exhibition opens on Saturday 3rd March and finishes on Friday 27th April.  

Transformabin is now at Create!


As part of Bristol's 2015 Green Capital celebrations, 14 unique community inspired projects were commissioned for each of it's Neighbourhood Partnerships. Mufti Games with Baggator Young People’s Project successfully pitched to Ashley, Lawrence Hill and Easton Partnership to create a fun project highlighting issues relating to household waste, fly-tipping, and recycling in the local area. 

From this the Transformabin was created; a communal bin converted into a playable games station. The simple labyrinth style game highlights the effects that waste has on our city, combining fun and imagination with a positive envorimental message.

The Transformbin is a permanent fixture at Create and can be found in our gallery,
Monday to Friday, 9-5pm.

Regular Activity


'The UK discards nearly a million tonnes of textiles every year ' (WRAP)

This exploration of some of the aspects of textile sustainability consists of two parts. Firstly the CREATE Centre hosts a permanent exhibition of information about textile sustainability, including advice, explanations, and facts and figures. This exhibition is open during CREATE opening hours. The second part is the practical activity days that take place on most Wednesdays from mid morning to mid afternoon. Here the exhibition is extended to include examples of domestic items made from fabrics that would otherwise have been sent to landfill. In addition, such items as cushions, tea cosies, table mats and many other items are being made on the spot, with the intention of encouraging visitors to start or continue their own work. At all the times the exhibition and practical activities are open, free small fabric pieces are usually available so that visitors can take them to incorporate in their own projects.

FABRICation is run by Mike Timmins, who is experienced in decorative textiles as well as textile science and technology.